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Hi! This is Q-Files, my little pretty site where I keep up all my artworks. You can also find something about me and if you love X-Files like I do, you`re in the right place! `cause I love xf so much, allmost all my works deal with it somehow.  I`m also totally in love with dogs, anime and manga so I draw/collage them mostly too. Hopefully you enjoy your time here and come back soon :) You find updates below and could write your greetings here. If you wanna link us, you`ll find a few buttons here. Thanks!


Hosted by: Vox Populli

Most resent xf ep I`ve seen: Folie Deux.
Vince Gilligan rocks! Very funny ep with a great mystery. I truly love everything about this ep -it`s one of my all time favorites!


July 22nd, 2006
I`ve been such a lazy ass, I`m so so sorry! I watched s5 throughout recently so today I got inspired by the ep The Pine Bluff Variant. Finally I have something new to put in here which is so nice for a change. I think I had forgotten how nice it is to collage ;)

January 7th, 2006
Pretty boring piece to drawings. Hopefully more drawings coming soon ^^ I also added link to my journal which is in Finnish.

October 21st, 2005
Damn me! I`ve been so lazy recently. Hopefully Q-Files is not totally dead yet... Today I fixed v7 layout and I think it`s much much better now (Is it?) Also one new digital piece Beyond The Sea. I don`t like it that much, but I still put it here so I have something to update.

May 12th, 2005
wo new digital pieces: Guess and Ice.

I`m so sorry `cause of my lazyness. I`ll update Q-Files more often in the future and  of course collage mooooore.

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