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Like I already said, this site is very tiny one. That`s because it only deals with my art and of course me a little. The site was a bit more exhaustive before but I desided to make it more compact and simple `cause of many reasons. And I have to say that I`m happy with the result. The Q-Files is hosted by Vox Populli which is an amazing host IMO! Thanks Alice!

The past layouts of QF you can find here.

I started to putter around doing xf-collages in the summer 2002 when I first time visit here. Right away I got curious about collaging and I just loved those artworks too much -can`t help it even today :) Of course after that I visited more xf -art sites and felt enthusiasm doing arts by myself! So I started collaging. At first my collages were really bad (honestly) but when I just kept goin`doing, I learned step by step how I really should do them. Nowadays I *really* can`t call myself such an expert or anything like that, because there`s still so long way to go if I wanna learn to make collages I can be proud of. After all I still feel kinda complacent, because I love collaging and I do it! That`s enough for me :D It`s such a powerful way to lighten my xf angst^^

I make my art using Adobe Photoshop 6. In my opinion Photoshop is so stunning, that in these days I could`n live a long time without it :) Brushes I use are made by Vered, Miss M and Michelle. Pictures I`ve been taken from The X-Files Screen Grab Archive, X-Files Roadrunners and The X-Files Photo Archive. Thank you all so much!

Drawing is a different story and pretty boring one actually :P I just have always loved it and that keeps my going. Unfortunately I`m not very talented but who cares -I think that`s more important that I enjoy doing it. I mostly draw dogs (and maybe horses sometimes?) `cause I`m so inspired by Ginga, which is the best anime ever. I would like draw more people but in that area I`m totally hopeless case...

My netnick is queequeg, but my really name is Minna. I`m a girl from Finland -the land of Santa and sauna :D I do love Finland, but sometimes the weather it just *too* freezing for living. Hehe. I was born in 1985. There are so several things I like, that it would take a day to tell them, but I`ll try to be brief. Ok, here we go. I like X-Files (surprisingly :D) and anything that deals with it, David (my biggest crush ever), Gillian (my biggest idol), my friends (I only have good ones^^), my cutest boyfriend <3, my dogs, dogs in general (especially novascotian duck tolling retrievers and stabyhouns), dog shows, field trials, field tracking, obedience, my ex-watch-over pony Lucky, horses in general, riding, dancing, drawing, collaging, all king of animals in general (well, except bears and snakes), ER, Alias, 24, America`s next top model, Cold Case, Idols, Desperate housewifes, Everwood, DVDs, cartoons (especially Disney), Don Rosa, anime in general, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Ginga, movies in general, Minority Report, Training Day, Ethan Hawke, Michael Vartan, Nintendo, Super Mario 3, watching sports on TV (especially football, ice hockey and skijumping), Sven Hannawald, shopping clothes, Pepsi Max, yogurt raisins, rice cakes, candys, Antti Tuisku, Robbie Williams, Bryan Adams, winter, snow, Christmas, gingerbreads, dark nights, cute boys and all the hot men (like DD!). Well, maybe it`s time to finish this :P

Mail me: mkkaaria(at)hytti.uku.fi


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