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Okay. Here are all my drawings. Like I told, most of them deals with dogs or wolves which I just love to draw nowadays. By putting your cursor over the pic, you`ll get some information about it. Click the thumbnail to see the whole work (pics open to a new window). You`ll find the newest work on your left.

Please don`t steal or copy my works!

Random girl. Anime kinda girl. Lama. Eye. Vitani for Alfa. Queequeg as a dog ;) Megara. Nawulf for Nawulf. Jjang for Nawulf. Haku the dragon. Tefer for Geyra. For Clarice -my dearest xf-taper :D Kiru for Mercury. Oshu for Mercury. Dai-suki. Oshu for Mercury. Anime kinda guy. My dearest pony Lucky. My shoe :)


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